Happy 2018!

My fondest hope for my readers for 2018 is that you will all know Jesus Christ and the fullness of his joy. Life can be difficult and full of sorrows, but placing your hope in Jesus will give you a rock where you can anchor your soul and ride out the storms.

I also hope to finish several books that I’m working on this year. Although the characters in my books are fictional, many of my readers have gone through very similar problems. It’s my desire that you will be encouraged by them and filled with hope that the Lord will meet your needs as well.

Currently, my books are only available through Amazon.com. When my publisher went out of business, book sellers could no longer buy them through their distributor. I have offered them on Amazon.com and will soon have three of them available in paperback as well as eBooks. Look for random offers of free books on my web page at Amazon.com

Happy 2018!

Now only on Amazon

With the sad closing of Tate Publishing, my books are not available anywhere except Amazon.com. I’m working on getting another publisher/distributor. But, in the meantime, you can buy my e-books and soon will be able to buy my paperbacks on Amazon.

I’m currently writing two new books. One is the third book in the Toby series and the other is an exciting book about the end of life as we know it. Both are fiction stories that contain absolute truth from God’s word, the Bible.

See my books at this web address:



A Higher Standard

God holds me and every other born again Christian to a higher standard than the rest of the world. I’m not talking about someone who researches their options for a religion and decides to try Christianity for awhile, or was born into a Christian family. I’m talking about someone who has experienced what is called the “new birth” in the third chapter of John in the Holy Bible. The new birth is when God gives us new life from the state of being dead in our sins (Ephesians 2:1 & Colossians 2:13) It is a total work of God, not any work that we do (Ephesians 2:8-9). When we are committed to Jesus Christ, our life is not our own. We are bought with the price of his blood and are to glorify Jesus in all that we do (I Corinthians 6:19-20).

I have seen posts about Tate Publishing, who published two of my books, closing down and criminal charges being filed against them for fraud. They had represented themselves as Christians with the call of God to publish Christian literature. I don’t know if these allegations are true, but they did publish some good Christian literature that has ministered to thousands of people. So, all I can do is pray that God will be glorified through whatever the outcome may be.

You can still find my books on Amazon.com as always. I am working on the sequel to Saving Vera and plan to write another Taylor Family Adventure. I am also working on an exciting book about what could happen just before Christ returns. And as I have always said, the most exciting and helpful book that was ever written and has outsold all other books worldwide is the Holy Bible. Read it over and over again! You may be shocked at what you learn each time!


Seeking New Publisher

I have been very fortunate to have two of my books published by Tate Publishing. They did a great job for me while it lasted. However, they recently announced that they have suspended all operations. I’m not sure if the two books that they published, Loving Toby and the sequel Saving Vera, will be available for purchase after the published supplies have all been sold. I retain all rights to my books, therefore am looking for a new publisher and a new agent to represent me. I can be reached by email at comment@rebeccagurnsey.com

My other books are available for download as e-books through Amazon.com.


It’s seems not so long ago that I was looking out of my kitchen window watching my neighbors shoot off fireworks to welcome the new millennium. That was seventeen years ago! Life has changed drastically for me in those years. In 2000, I was married with two teenage daughters. Now I’m widowed with grown daughters and grandchildren. I was writing my first book, and now I have published seven.

Life changes and with it comes new blessings, new challenges, and new regrets. I pray that in this new year your blessings will be many, your challenges victorious, and your regrets few. Look to Jesus Christ for all of your answers. The Bible is a wealth of knowledge and a storehouse of encouragement!

Great to Meet Fans

I just finished a promotional tour in Montana, Wyoming & Colorado where I met some fantastic people! Thanks to all who purchased my books and especially to those who have read my other books and encouraged me to keep writing. The first Taylor Family Adventure book called The Haunting of Indian Canyon will be released within a few months. I have already written three more and have begun the fifth in the series. Also, I’ve started on the third book in the Loving Toby saga.


Public Appearances

I’ll be signing my books Loving Toby and the sequel Saving Vera at the following places. Meet me there for a great discount on my books!

Half Price Books (North Oaks Shopping Center, 4685 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Houston, Texas 77069)  Sat. Sept. 17, 2016   1-3 pm

Knapp Center Senior Center (2424 S. Park Avenue Pearland, Texas 77581)             Tues. Sept. 20, 2016   9:30 a.m. I’ll be speaking to the group about Success After Sixty at 9:30 a.m. and coaching a writer’s group at 10 a.m.

Garden of Readn’ Bookstore (2621 Brooks St., Missoula, Montana 59801)               Sat. Sept. 24, 2016  1-3 pm

Wolverine Publishing & Bookstore (144 N. College Ave. Fort Collins, Colorado 80524)        Sat. Oct. 1, 2016  4-5 pm